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Odessa Ukraine Real Estate, The Smartest Way of Investment

Ukraine, Europe’s second largest country has a population of 44,854,065 and spread over an area of 603,700 sq km. The country is both rich in the case of industrial and agricultural field.

One can find the real estate market of this country is very diverse. The apartments in the big cities are overvalued where in case of rural areas it is cheap. Let us discuss about Odessa, one of the biggest cities in South. What you can get from here? The city is greatly responsible for the economy of the whole country. As it is situated on the coast of Black sea, it receives many numbers of ships everyday and thus can able to welcome thousands of tourists. As the place is rich by many attractive places and visitors, the cost of real estate property in Odessa Ukraine is raising up day by day. On the contrary it becomes a profitable and wise decision to do investment on real estate properties here.

A great many number of foreign investors have been investing on the property of Ukraine. It is all after the orange revolution when people got to know the country has strong democratic leanings.


The Ukraine is most popular among visitors. It is convenient though. The value of the properties has been increasing here for past few years.

Some of the reasons behind the hike of the prices of Odessa real estate are

– No alternative source of investment to make. Real estate is the main source to try out.

– The hike in the per capita income in most of the largest and major cities.

-The rising opportunities in the big cities results in migration of people and thus enhancing the price.

These are some of the reasons why the rate of properties increased here.  By the way it is the perfect time for you to invest in Commercial property for sale Odessa Ukraine.

There are many real estate companies in Ukraine offer you qualitative service with real estate and investment. You can purchase apartments or sale to them. Basically they offer you services for rent, buy, exchange and moving of investment projects.


They offer luxury villas apartments for rent which are fully staffed for an excellent vacation. There are many websites who offer houses for sale in Odessa Ukraine. They have large experience in real estate business and with this experience and confidence they made enough number of satisfied clients.

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Sale Buy apartments Odessa Ukraine


One of company mainstreams on real estate of INVESTORS GROUP is rendering of services in sale and purchase of apartments in Odessa, including apartments in new under construction housing estates.The company on real estate of INVESTORS GROUP- professionally renders services in sales of apartments on new under construction housing estates of Odessa, is direct from the builder, on conditions and the prices from the building companies. Buying apartment in new under construction a housing estate, you not only save the budget on each square meter of habitation, but also get pure aura of apartment in which you with love realize in it all architectural imaginations.

 description on registration of Real Estate Property in Odessa Ukraine foreign citizens:

 To buy real estate (apartments, houses, commercial objects) in Ukraine foreign citizens occurs as follows:

      1. After a choice of object of real estate it is necessary to sign the preliminary contract of the purchase – sales and to pay the deposit (advance payment) to the seller who, as a rule, makes 5 percent from the sum of real cost of real estate. The given contract establishes term of registration of the transaction, including definitive date of signing of the basic contract – purchase and sale contracts. The given contract subscribes between the buyer and the seller in the presence of the notary, and is assured by the notary.

After signing of the basic contract of purchase and sale of real estate at the notary it is necessary to pay to the seller of the remained 95 percent from the sum of sale of real estate.

2. Further the subsequent registration of the contract of purchase and sale in state structures is necessary, at present is a city bureau of technical inventory  cities of Odessa.

3. For the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale in notary’s office at the notary it is necessary for foreign citizens to have the passport, the inquiry on assignment of identification number according to the State register of physical persons – tax bearers (the given inquiry can be received in tax inspection of Odessa), and also presence of the spouse (spouse) or granting of its (its) notarially certified consent to the conclusion of the planned transaction if the buyer – the foreign citizen consists officially in marriage.

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The Ultimate Guide to Apartments for Sale in Odessa Ukraine

In the year 2008, the real estate market was almost collapsed. Many of the constructions were stopped. Banks denied giving loans, as already they are loaded with loans. Many people became bankrupts, which almost let the construction business died.  However, the unbalancing situation exists no more and the problem is completely solved now. There are few companies, which have successfully overcome from the crisis, and one of the top ranked companies among them is INVESTORS GROUP.  They offer different Odessa Ukraine apartments for Sale. The processes of getting these apartments are as simple as its price. The real estate agents work with the cooperation of various banks and by using the credit; you can buy the apartments in various ways.


Now days, banks pay more importance in giving mortgage instead of checking the solvency. They are not at all wasting their time in checking the financial condition of the borrower rather they are increasing mortgage rates. The real estate companies here specially give more importance to interests of both sellers and buyers. They also hold legal support if any of the buyers or sellers need at any moment. They also help you if you need any kind of help during registration or any of assistance you need while preparing the documents. The agents of Real Estate Property in Odessa Ukraine regularly analyzes the market and hold complete information about it. They keep their eye on the real estate market on a regular basis. By consulting them, you can have a complete knowledge about the prices or status of the real estate market, which may be a great weapon to purchase the property at right price.

 The Real Estate Property in Odessa Ukraine gives an acceptable and professional service that you ever imagined of. They offer highly effective investments that includes sailing and purchasing of properties, renting apartments and many more.

Today one of the leading commercial property sellers the INVESTORS GROUP is providing excellent service and various options that you can appreciate while you are taking help of the company for purchasing or renting properties. The services it offers includes advertising of properties that are offered to sale, offering legal support on any of the transaction, granting buildings or apartments of different level as well as price, repairing all types of real estate objects and many more.


It is a difficult task to buy or sell properties. You need a reputed and good real estate company to help you through out the process of purchasing or selling as it holds the proper tools to accomplish all the above process. So take the help of a reliable company to get the job done with out any stress.